Thursday, December 3, 2015

What's a mother to do?

Long ago I knit three sweaters for my daughters and myself out of Lion Brand's Homespun, which is both warm and lightweight, in a lovely quick pattern, one of those freebies hanging from the shelf of yarn in the store. It knit up into a sloppy, hooded, sweatshirt-like sweater, perfect for kicking around the house. Aside from the fact that Homespun is useless for seaming, I was very pleased with the results. And the sweaters, being acrylic, have lasted and lasted.

Fast forward to the present, when KD informed me that life had thrown her a curve as she transitioned between jobs. Her Favorite Sweater (see above) was in storage in one state, and she was  in another state. And it was getting cold.

I popped out to the store for yarn and knit her another. I know she has other sweaters (knit by her mom, even!), but this was her Favorite Sweater. Even if it had stretched a bit to grow with her and was definitely wearing out. It took me a hair over three weeks. It's a really fast knit.

Pattern: Lion Brand's Hooded Knit Sweater

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Pueblo

- made a pocket (not yet attached)
- made sleeves longer and added thumb-holes
- decreased 6 stitches over 6 rows at top center of hood to avoid a pointed peak
- knit body and sleeves in the round to avoid seams
- the few unavoidable sewing (attaching pocket and sewing down front edges of hood) done with some smooth sport-weight acrylic black yarn.

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  1. Did you also knit one of those for me? It seems I recall having a you-knitted sweater in Homespun, with a hood. And if it hadn't just now FINALLY gotten cold enough to get out my winter clothes, I'd already know this for sure, but for now I'm just going on memory.