Monday, March 24, 2008

Warm toes

Pattern from the 2008 Knitting-Pattern-a-Day that my boss makes sure I receive every year.

Yarn, astonishingly what was called for: Lion Brand's Wool-Ease.
Modifications: none.

These knit up fast and are destined for a life of house socks, since it's entirely too warm around here to wear worsted weight wool outside most of the time. But they're a color I like (I have a shirt and hair scrunchy that match exactly).

Sea Monkeys

I decided to knit some Monkeys. I had some pretty Koigu, and because I know exactly what size Koigu knits up on for me, I blithely cast on 52 sts and started the pattern. Too small. Huh, I said, guess the designer knows what she's talking about. So I frogged them and cast on the 64 stitches called for. Too big.

Serious thought (and some frogging) ensued. Then I cast on 56 sts and never looked back. (For the sake of brevity we are ignoring my whole experiment with knitting them toe-up, my preferred direction.) I took the missing 8 sts out of the back of the heel, which resulted in an interesting seamed look (and the proper size heel for my foot when I got there).

The pattern is addicting in its simplicity, and I enjoyed the way the colors turned out.