Tuesday, December 1, 2015


As colorful as I thought these socks were, the recipient, while appreciative, let me know colors could go even wilder.

Pattern: Handsome Devil Socks, by Terry Morris (my version is from the 2010 Knitting Calendar)

Yarn: Knit Picks Essential (discontinued) in Dusk and Burgundy (the colors are brighter in the photo, but even unlit, still brighter than those names imply), leftover from my argyle-making

Mods: I didn't have enough of either color to do cuff, heels, and toes, so decided to make "warm" red toes.

This is a great pattern. I will definitely make more of them.

A few months later the weather turned, and the socks recipient was in need of further warmth. I had enough Spanish Alpaca yarn left over from making Twin Hats, so I made every inch of it into a neck-warmer.


Pattern: Scrunchable Scarf, by Susan McConne

Yarn: Katia's Peru leftovers

Mods: Used Cranberry Scrunchable's notes on the edges. Used 2 colors: cast on 6+2 in each color, followed the pattern as if knitting 2 scarves side-by-side, twisting them at the color change.


  1. They seem pretty dang bright to me! And very nicely done!! What are "warm" toes?

  2. I meant that they would seem warmer for being red!