Saturday, February 23, 2008

um die Ecke

The title is from a famously much-quoted line of memorized dialog from the Army's headstart language course for troops headed to Germany. It's not the Army's fault it left most of them half-believing that you could find the railroad station in any German town (from any point in town, of course) by going "straight, and then around the corner."

I have turned the corner on this bout of flu, the kitchen remodeling has turned a corner wherein the majority of the new cabinets are in the kitchen instead of in boxes in the next room (yes, we're doing it ourselves). I can get to the stove and am promised running water by the end of the weekend. All in all, life is looking up.

The downside of recuperation, though, is that suddenly tons of beautiful new patterns are clamoring to be knit, but I can't seem to hold the needles for more than 10 minutes without dropping off to sleep. *sigh*

Pictures of my latest finished objects are off limits for another week. I have two pairs of socks on the needles, neither worth a photograph yet. But I do have a sock-related question. In looking over the Yarn Harlot's tour schedule (because my mother pointed out that Stephanie was coming to a town near me), I noticed a week set aside for Sock Camp. Sock Camp? What on earth is Sock Camp? I know they like getting out in the yard for photo shoots, but are we really expected to send them off by themselves for a week in the country?? I mean really, you know they ignore the buddy system and get lost going through the wash, just imagine what could happen at Sock Camp!

Monday, February 4, 2008

How Sad is That?

No knitting pictures today, since the NKD/KD's birthday looms (but Michele, you were right, I could finish it in time!). I even have more leftover yarn to practice making knit balls with. Someday they will actually be round after I stuff them. In the meantime, they make great cat toys for friends' cats.

I watched the Superbowl last night, started dozing off after the Patriot's drive down the field and resulting touchdown with about two minutes left, figured it was ok to drift off because there was no way the Giants had time to do the same... Silly, silly me. You'd've thought the cheering would have wakened me, but seriously, after 10 I think I could sleep through anything. I am comforted in the knowledge that this is NOT the result of aging, I have been an early riser and resultant early-to-bed kind of girl my whole life.

Waiting on the electrician today, but patiently, because after his arrival I expect to have no power for most of the day, and even the phones need the electric on these days.

Just caught up with the blogs I read and was stunned to learn here (in the comments)* that I missed a Vital Clue in the last offering of Lost, despite watching it live and again taped. I do knit while I watch Lost, but by that I mean that I grip needles tightly in my hands, ignoring the trailing yarn until the commercials, when I can barely remember what I was working on.

*My first Trackback! I have no idea if I did it right... (nope, but maybe now?)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

This Bear Has a Twin

I thought it would be fun to take his picture against a background that matched him near-perfectly. This is why no one let me near a camera for years. At least I knew enough to take another picture with a better background...

This is the twin of the Baby Shower Bear, who will be living in Georgia. I originally knit this one to have a baby shower gift in reserve, but this bear apparently wants to go to school in Kansas, so he is off to sister K (who will be long done her unit on Teddy Bears by the time he arrives, but assures me that no one will mind).

Yarn: Dr. Jones leftovers
Pattern: out of a book I own, but interestingly online here as well

What in the world is that?

Why, it's a Dalek. What's a Dalek? I really have no idea. Something in the Dr. Who universe, which means that practically any member of three generations of my immediate family could tell you more about it than I could. My brother-in-law commented that his new kitchen sink had a faucet that looked like a Dalek, and sister J asked if I could knit something to make it look even more like one. Thanks to Google Image Search, I discovered what Daleks look like, and knit this up.

This was my first attempt at beaded knitting, the version where you actually string the beads on the yarn. I learned to always order more beads than you need, because some of them will be too wonky to string. Other than that, it was a blast.

Yarn: Patons Brilliant in Marvelous Mocha
Needles: #5 dpns (which I have since misplaced - to Daleks eat metal?)
Beads: 4mm copper shiny rounds from
Pattern: measured faucet, measured gauge, made it up as I went along. Mostly k5, p1 rib to preserve the paneled look of your fashion-conscious Dalek.