Thursday, October 8, 2009

Negative socks

I knit a beautiful sock out of Patons FX yarn using the Oliver pattern. I didn't notice until way too late that the pattern called for using another color for the heel and toe. I went surfing in the Ravelry KAL for this pattern and found an assurance from the designer that if one was knitting a smaller sock, one skein per sock would be enough. And I have to admit that I got all the way to the toe-weaving with just enough yarn left to weave (ray!). But it didn't fit the recipient (boo).

So now I get to decide whether to find another skein of the same color (it doesn't have to be the same dyelot - it's the toe of a sock, for heaven's sake!), or knit the yarn into a sock that doesn't eat up as much yardage.

I had one of my now-rare migraines last night, however, so all decisions are on hold until I don't hate everything.