Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Taking a second stab at it

Remember this? My attempt to make Twist Collective's Maire Riding Jacket for NKD - three years ago!

Well, as this was the summer of finishing things off, I eventually worked my way down to this unfinished object. I read a bit on Ravelry about other people's experiences, and reassured that I was not alone in my gauge problems, set off again.

I have finished both sleeves and they fit the recipient.

Having achieved what amounted to a running start, I then took on the body of the piece. The beginning (bottom) was all the fiddly patterned bit and was quite interesting. But now I am working my way up through the waist shaping, and things are getting a tad snoozy. I may need to find a short project, as a sort of palette cleanser between courses.

Meanwhile, I continue to be mildly amused by the attached Icord, which on one side of the fabric I am executing BACKWARDS. On the purl side. I didn't even know this was possible, and on the first few rows it was a complete leap of faith that the thing they were telling me to do would actually result in Icord. See that? Matching Icord on both edges. Magic.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Summer of Finished Objects

This summer, as I worked to get the house ready to put on the market, I kept coming across UFOs. And finishing them.

So this gift from my SIL:

 became this messy unblocked lace:

which blocked into this lovely rectangular shawl:


Yarn: Unique Designs Handspun Wool

Pattern: Cristiana Brenna's 100 grammi

Because the yarn varies in thickness, color, and material, I wanted a pattern that would be very forgiving of uneven stitches. This one did the trick. As a plus, it is completely reversible,  and surprisingly warm for such open lace. Also, it was dead simple to knit up. I have worn it several times now, and am very happy with it.


Many years ago, a member of my knitting group gave me this yarn:

which I quickly figured out should be this pattern:

and then forgot all about. And now it is this:

Yarn: unlabeled worsted weight weight mohair, partial skein

Pattern: Knitlist Mohair Scarf Pattern (via the Wayback Machine)

Mods: added two selvage edge stitches; I start each row by "slip 1 as if to purl with yarn in front" and end with an extra knit 1. This makes a nice place for my blocking wires. I don't have any idea what to do with this one - the color is just as odd as it looks, and I have plenty of scarves already. Ant thoughts out there?