Monday, June 16, 2014

Test Knitting

I was away on a road trip in May, but I recognize that that excuse is getting a little threadbare in mid-June...

KD volunteered me to test knit for a mutual friend. This was a new thing for me, and I took it seriously. How seriously? I made gauge swatches!

Pattern: Simple Cable Socks, now available on Ravelry!

Yarn: Knit Picks Pacific Stroll Tonal

Mods: I got gauge on 2.5 mm instead of 3.00 mm; I used 4 needles instead of 3, because that's the way I like to arrange my dpns.

I really liked the way the pattern left space to write down notes as you went along. Since I was working off a pdf, it was really nice to just use the little Adobe Reader sticky notes. Since I made more than one pair in different sizes, I was even able to keep notes for multiple sizes. I've always made these notes on actual sticky notes before, or written them on a printed pattern, and they invariably get lost.

The pattern was simple and elegant and easy to follow. I like the socks very much. And to my utter surprise, I had enough yarn left after making mine (Women's) to make a pair of the size 6-8! Since I have a co-worker with a daughter the right age, I passed them on to her. In return, I got one of the nicest handmade thank-you cards I've ever seen. That girl has a future in crafts.