Monday, December 21, 2015


Knitters, in time, learn to read their knitting. Except for the first few blind-faith rows of a lace pattern, you can pretty much tell what your knitting should look like, and see at a glance (although not necessarily as soon as you'd like) that something has gone wrong.

Knitters ALSO learn to read a skein of yarn. Sock knitters, that is, and skeins of variegated sock yarn. For instance, I took one look at this (ballband lost):

and knew it was going to knit up into blue, brown, and white stripes. Since I think most striped socks belong on Pippi Longstocking (or someone with equally spindly legs), I opted for a pattern that would break up the horizontal stripes in an interesting way. Grumperina's Jaywalkers:


  1. I love Jaywalkers. After I finally finished my blue ones, I swore 'Never again!' But that wore off, & I made more eventually. I like your colors.

  2. I like anything that sounds like a Jayhawk. :-)