Sunday, December 13, 2015

And then I tore a hole in it...

Some years back I attended my first knitting retreat. Among my many pleasant memories of that event, I saw my first Color Affection, then at the height of its popularity, "in the flesh," so to speak. It was done in jewel tones, and despite the popularity of the pattern, I didn't recognize it. All I saw were the colors, and I had to know what it was. I was surprised to discover that it was an examplar of the current knitting fad, which I had rather turned my nose up at. But if it could look like that!

Flash forward several years, when KD provided me with the jewel tones necessary to make my own. By then plenty* of people had made the pattern, and I pored over examples and advice. Slowly I came to the conclusion that the designer had known what she was doing, and so I made none of the modifications to straighten out an edge that was designed to be curved.

* over 14,000 currently in Ravelry.

Making it was interesting, but it matches only one thing in my wardrobe (oddly enough, the skirt just barely visible in the yarn picture), and is really not my style. So I wore it once to work, and am passing it along to KD - AFTER I repair the hole I tore in it wearing it just once. Fortunately, it's near the finished edge, and I have enough yarn left over to make the repairs.

Pattern: Veera Välimäki's Color Affection

Yarn: madelinetosh tosh merino light

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