Sunday, February 3, 2013

Purple Cables

Last year I gave my daughter the promise of a sweater. This year, I delivered. It was a somewhat rocky road, but I am really pleased with the result. I had acquired some unlabeled purple yarn from someone selling off stash. Beautiful stuff, a little rustic, but a light purple heather with a lot of character.

KD chose the pattern, Stormy Weather. The first draft was yet another case of gauge failure. It's not that I don't check gauge, after so many disasters, it's that apparently I can't check gauge accurately. It involves math, you know. Never my strong suite.

Nevertheless, I buckled down to some difficult cogitations to make the pattern she wanted fit the yarn I had, so that the end result would fit her. I didn't keep accurate enough notes to pass on my modifications, but I'm not sure who they would help anyway, since I never did figure out what weight yarn I was using. I just figured out what would work.

It languished a bit toward the end while we made the supremely important choice of buttons. But now it is done, and out of the house. It does make occasional guest appearances, since my daughter wears it a lot when she visits.

Back to the math... Earlier today while knitting, I complained to my daughter and husband that in the space of time we took to have a brief political discussion, I had completely lost track of my place, and didn't know whether I was on the cable row of the pattern or not. While I counted my rows from the beginning, they earnestly reminded me that a few days ago (while knitting something entirely different) I had asked them to remember that I left off on pattern row 4. They went on to calculate that if I was on row 4 three days ago that was 12; which is 2 digits so multiply by 2 to get 24; adding the 2 and 4 to get 6, add that to the 24 to get 30; subtract 2 for the digits, and I was clearly on row 28.

The really frightening thing was, that's exactly the row I turned out to be on.