Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I would never make that mistake

"Don't make the mistake," my husband advised seriously, "of thinking Norwegian holiday cooking is in any way healthy cooking." Frankly, I would never make that mistake about any culture's holiday cooking. The whole idea of holiday cooking is that of an infrequent treat.

I did make the mistake, early on, of applying linguistic rules to Norwegian krum kaka - before I'd ever seen any - and thinking it must be some kind of crumb cake, possibly like my favorite coffee cake with the butter-cinnamon-brown sugar crumble on top.


It has more in common with an Italian pizzelle than anything else, although mercifully not licorice flavored. Also, unlike any pizzelle I've ever had, it melts away in your mouth like cotton candy, leaving you to wonder if it was ever there at all.

You make the batter,

heat the krumkake iron,

put on the tiniest dollop of batter,

cook it, flipping at least once, roll it around a wooden cone,

and then slide it off the cone when cool.

Some people fill them; we don't. We have NEVER had to figure out how to store them.


  1. Did Rod bring the krumkake iron & wooden cone into the connubial kitchen as part of his dowry?
    What do other Norwegians fill them with?
    Store them? You mean the first one isn't gone by the time the 2nd comes off the cone so you can make the 3rd?
    But let's not put down pizzelles; some of us really like them.

  2. What a mean post unless you've brought enough for everyone to share. :)

  3. Among my many failings, apparently, is that I don't *have* a krumkake iron. Who knew?
    I do have Bisquick and brown sugar and butter, though. Not Entenmann's but good enough for me. :)

  4. Thanks, J, the krumkake were delicious!! ;)