Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Now I'm awake...

On my drive to work this morning, I realized that the news on the radio was exactly what I had just heard on the tv before leaving home, and switched it over to a classical music station.

I recognized the piece immediately. The standard metaphor for "spring morning." Apropos, I thought, as the sun came up on the 15th of April. Then I got to thinking that it is really beyond a metaphor, almost a cliché. When does symbol cross over into caricature?

A question I could pose to my friends and family - if I could name the music. I hadn't even tried yet, not on one cup of half-caf and the sun not completely up. It was definitely a staple of my cartoon-watching childhood, but called to mind no images of hippos dancing or dinosaurs wandering, or even a centaur caught in a rainstorm...

Right then the next movement started, and drove any need for caffeine right out the window. At the first note of the trumpet fanfare, I went: oh. (And despite my childhood, I did NOT immediately think of the Lone Ranger.)

So whose idea was it to play the William Tell Overture to sleepy driving workers? And what do you think - has that slow part become so synonymous with spring that it's a caricature?

Image: René Magritte's The Son of Man, 1964, courtesy of Wikipedia and sister J (who knew the painter's name from my description of the painting)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Panda Knitting

KD's birthday presents, an adorable Panda scarf and matching Ying-Yang mittens, kits from Morehouse Farm Merino that my sister-in-law tipped me off to (and swore I could get done by KD's birthday - she was right!). I made the leftovers into some slipper socks, but they zipped out of the house to fast for a photo shoot.

German Jaywalkers

KD's Jaywalkers, knit from yarn she gifted me with after her trip to Germany last spring (here, Mom, have some yarn!.. Will you knit me something with it?) - the gift that gives back.

The photo shows off our new kitchen counters nicely, for those who have been dying for pictures.