Friday, December 18, 2015

I know of no baby with a neck like that

One of my current works in progress is an adorable smocked baby cardigan. I make a lot of baby sweaters. They are cute, they are fast, they are instant gratification. And since I'm not making them for a particular recipient, I don't worry about fit. Someday in retirement, I will open an Etsy shop just to sell baby sweaters.

Meanwhile, I got up this morning and checked to see if the Left Front was long enough to match the Right Front. And discovered this:

That's right. "Make same as right, reversing shapings" didn't... exactly... happen. I also messed up the shaping towards the bottom by following the directions for the Back shaping. So, rip-rip-rip, and now:


That's better.

Thank goodness I noticed before sewing it up and setting the sleeves! (Yes, set-in sleeves. If I pull it off I will immediately try to finish my Caluna, which has been languishing for years in sleevelessness.)

Also, it's a really lovely shade of light brown. I will get a true-color photo when it's finished!

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