Monday, July 18, 2011


(MYEH-lutch: trifles, little things, small change)

I've been making little things:

- a cozy for NKD's GPS out of leftover Cotton-Ease from KD's stash:

I love the button. I made sure it was not a shank button, as I didn't want it poking back into the screen and scratching it. Then I sewed the button on making a yarn shank, as I wanted NKD to be able to fasten it easily (with the GPS inside, one can't bend the fabric to pop the button in and out).

- a cozy to keep my iPod earbuds from constantly tangling (and then decided I liked another set of earphones better anyway):

I made a matching (as in, the same Purple Heather Knitpicks Stroll, my current favorite color ever) cozy for my iPod:

You'll notice there's no pattern link. I cast on as if it was a toe-up sock, worked linen stitch in the round until it covered my iPod, cast off one side (plus a bit, to leave room for the earphone cord), continued in linen stitch as I decreased, purposely (no, really!) slanting the flap to one side, made a buttonhole at the end, and there you go! (As in, go find a button - thanks, KD!)

And then, before sewing the button on and tucking in the ends, I turned it inside out. I can't explain it. I just love the way those fat reverse-linen-stitch purl bumps look. Like Israeli couscous.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When I made NKD's Saige, I had a fair amount of Berroco Sox self-striping sock yarn left over. Glamorgan 1420 was by far my absolute favorite stripe (go ahead, ask my family about the noises I made while knitting with it the first time). I was delighted to find that I had just enough left to make a pair of ankle socks for myself. I was also ridiculously pleased to be able to get the stripes to match.

I knit them on zeros, and fiddled with my standard toe-up sock pattern a bit. KD and I have noticed that over time our hand knit socks, um, grow a bit, so I've been experimenting with making them a tighter fit to start with. I can't really tell until I've worn and washed them awhile if this did any good. And I'm certainly not wearing wool socks for another couple of months! These are in (moth proof) Summer Sock Hibernation until then.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Overdye? Seriously?

I made my SIL (mother of two of the cutest kids on the planet - I have photographic evidence!) a beaded lace shawl, the beautiful and challenging Dracula's Bride (ravelry link).

I bought the type of yarn called for, Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool-Silk, not wanting to mess around with substitutions.

It was a shock to receive the pattern and discover it was beaded. My eyesight just isn't sharp enough to pick that out in the pattern photographs. But with some advice from my SIL, I found some gorgeous beads. I have done beading previously by attaching the beads as I came to them with a crochet hook, but there was no way that was going to happen with these tiny things, so I learned how to string beads on yarn and slide them up when it was time.

I started it in September, and restarted it in January (it's hard to spot a significant pattern error in unblocked lace), and gave it to her this spring. The one major modification I made was in the color yarn. The certifiably crazy wonderwoman who designed the shawl knit it entirely in dark red, and then OVERDYED the edge black. I had heart palpitations just thinking about how badly I could mess up my carefully knit lace by trying my hand at dying for the first time. So I bought the yarn in Ruby and Ebony and switched at about the spot it looked like she overdyed it. The black came off on my hands a little as I knit it, making me nervous about even wet-blocking it, but pinning and spraying did the trick.