Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Block Party

Some things are better tackled with company. Both KD and NKD pitched in while they were home over Thanksgiving weekend to help block some large items.

The large purple object is KD's project, so I don't know much about it, except that it turned out exactly the way she wanted.

I did a much better job on the points when I re-blocked this, and have worn it often since then.

Meanwhile two other projects have flown off the needles since then. DH is de-cluttering, and brought some yarn-stash downstairs for sorting that I'd forgotten about. Most of it wound up neatly sorted into bins, but some yarn just stuck to my fingers until it became something.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I've come down with a sudden case of mittens

There I was, minding my own business, knitting away on various long-term projects, happy as a clam. Then, from out of the blue, came a call for help: a toddler's first winter outside, and she was mittenless!

The first pair flew off the needles and onto tiny cold hands so fast there isn't a picture of them. But the very afternoon that I delivered them, I cast on the next pair.

The invisible pair:
Yarn: leftover Paton's Simply Soft (acrylic, DK) in pale pink
Pattern: Baby Wallace Mittens, by Wendy Poush
Mods: Numerous! I grabbed the pattern for the shape and sizing for DK-weight baby mittens; I didn't make thumbs or do any of the color work

The pictured pair:

Yarn: leftover Severn (wool/silk, fingering)

Pattern: Heart String Mittens, by Crystal Guistinello

Mods: I didn't add the buttons or string

Then, since I was on a mitten-y roll, I finished these:

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Eco Duo and Eco Alpaca, as called for
Pattern: Double-Stuff Mittens, by Antje Gillingham
Mods: None; I'm not messing with perfection!

But I'm not the only one with an addiction. DH can't seem to stop exploring the candy cookbook I gave him:

That's maple sugar candy, butter mints, and marshmallows (the store bought strawberry candies were added to the plate for color). There was also a valiant attempt at molasses paddles (delicious, but able to remove fillings at a single bite).