Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer of Socks

I knit socks all summer. They just didn't survive. Finally, I found some keepers. These are KD's - and she made sure of it by requesting that the colors run in opposite directions, a mod that I would never wear:

I used the leftover bits to make baby socks:

This was a kit Akasha gave me, since the colors weren't to her taste. The pattern was one of the most challenging I've done (not definition 1. easily messed up, but 2. pat-with-one-hand, rub-with-the-other intriguing/interesting). The yarn was super-comfy, and the shaping - particularly the arch shaping - made for an incredibly comfy sock. So I tried the same pattern in some Koigu from my stash:

You can see how far I got with that. More on that sock attempt later.

And finally, proof that KD's socks were knitted on vacation (thanks, Stewart!):

Monday, September 22, 2008


I spent a bit of my summer vacation driving back and forth (and forth and back) between upstate New York and Maryland. And I stumbled upon a new (to me) isogloss!

An isogloss is - well I could get all technical, but an example would be quicker. If you've ever traveled farther than the corner store you already know that a carbonated beverage is called different things in different parts of the country. Mapping that out tells you a little bit about English dialects in America.

I was already familiar with other food isoglosses (hotdish/casserole, and the whole sub/hoagie/gyro/grinder mess). But this one was topographic!

As I headed south, lovely little rivers became nice Dutch kills - the Catskills are named for the Kaaterskill, but there were plenty more, right down to the Schuylkill. Creeks for awhile, then I crossed the Mason-Dixon line, and suddenly, the rivers were all runs! James Run, Gravelly Run, Dogwood Run, Winters Run. New Jersey has necks, but I think that might only apply to estuaries.

So what's a small river called in your neck of the woods?