Monday, December 7, 2015

Sibling Socks

Still knitting up the leftovers from Saige in my own toe-up sock pattern. This colorway of Berroco Sox was Kingston, and I only had enough left for ankle-length, but NKD is pleased. I knit them in an astonishing four days.

Then I finally finished these:

I blithely knit up the second sock in my standard sock pattern, then realized that's not what the first sock was. I had to read my knitting very carefully to discover that I had altered the original number of stitches cast on for the toe, the number of rows from toe to heel, and dabbled in increases up the back of the calf. Then finished off with a picot bind-off, because why not? And I'll remember all that, because I'll make the second sock right away. Right. When I finally got a matched sock, they just weren't that comfortable. There's a reason my standard sock is my go-to pattern - it fits! SO now their KD's. This colorway of Berocco Sox was Glamorgan.

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  1. Your first link took me back to (among other things) a 2011 post that I'd completely forgotten about that I just LOVE. That is one of the coolest sweater/jacket things ever! But the socks on this page are good too. I'm just so blown away by that 2011 post that I can't really formulate a sock-related thought.