Thursday, December 10, 2015

Keeping it Simple

My son has discovered the joys of fingerless mitts. He had a lot of fun trawling through the possibilities on Ravelry, and came up with a couple of patterns he liked. These are the first, dead simple, stretchy, and the yarn already on hand (so to speak - sorry).

Pattern: Based on Kaity Fraker's Easy Wristwarmers, I just wanted the thumbs to run vertically
Cast on 36 sts.
Work K2,P2 ribbing for 30 rounds.
Cross 1st 2 knit sts, slip 1st st to last needle. Turn.
Work back and forth in established ribbing for 10 rows, slipping 1st stitch of each row.
Cross 1st 2 knit sts again, continue in established ribbing for 8 rounds.
Sewn bind-off.

Needles: 5.00 mm dpns (8s)

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Blue Heather, leftover from an aborted attempt to knit a TARDIS.

The second set were more problematic. I was seduced by the flame colorway into thinking I would have fewer color changes. True, but - this is acrylic, and intarsia should be done in wool to take advantage of the magic of blocking. Plus, the pattern was too long in the hand and too narrow in width. So the whole thing is hibernating while I think about it.

The third set call for a knitting trick I'm actually taking a class on in February. So wait for the class, or try to figure it out for myself? Fortunately, I haven't settled on the right colors yet, so I haven't had to decide.

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