Friday, December 11, 2015

Mitts and Möbius

Clearly the name of a new detective show I'm pitching to the networks. Mitts is the street-savvy partner, clearly a corruption of Smith by way of certain, shall we say, acquisitional skills. Möbius is the older, dignified type, but with a twist (of course). What that twist should be is left as an exercise for the commenters...

I had a single ball of multicolored yarn that I won as a door prize at a knitting retreat. It looked like hand-painted yarn, fingering weight, roughly one skein. The rest was a mystery. I found an excellent pattern for an unknown amount of yardage, and just knit until I was done. Then I made the tiny amount of leftover yarn into mitts!

Mitt Pattern:Leftover Sock Yarn Mitts
Cowl Pattern: Mone Dräger's Knothole Moebius Cowl

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  1. Obviously, Möbius is living with the secret shame of being a closet crocheter.