Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wednesday WIPs - Bubbly Water Socks

I've started my next pair of socks. Much as I love my two go-to sock patterns, I was in the mood for something different for this yarn. I'm enjoying being back on dpns, and enjoying this simple but elegant pattern:

I got quite a bit of it done in waiting rooms yesterday. I would ask what people who don't knit DO in waiting rooms, but I am observant, and I can tell you that if they have no one to talk to, they play on their phones.

Last night at my knitting group, my friend showed me the latest innovation in sock needles - a set of three double-pointed needles with a short flex of cable in the middle, so that you knit around the corners of your socks-on-2-needles with the 3rd needle. Not sure how I feel about that.