Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

We will skip the unspeakable amount of time I spent on the heel of my current sock-in-progress, and proceed directly to the solution. If you own any knitting books from Interweave Press, get them out, grab a pen, go here, and make corrections. The sanity you save may be your own.

Mom, I saw two of these on your shelf, but I know you can't "do" pdf's. I'll borrow the books next time I'm down (heh heh heh) and return them corrected (really!).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There are bigger issues, but a lot of little ones can get you down

Isn't that pretty? It's a picture of all the scarves (and some of the hats) KD's dorm suite knit for charity last year. I'm using it to remind me to take deep breaths and focus on a bigger picture than one small elementary school...

My husband, who is a teacher, told me last week that one of the agenda items on an upcoming faculty meeting was what to do about the fact that several of the middle school students have taken up knitting, and knit during recess.

I stifled my knee-jerk response and asked questions. Was it that they wanted the girls to be more active during recess? No, the playground has always been literally split between those who want to race around and blow off energy, and those who want to sit, stand, or walk, and just chat. (FWIW, I've always thought this was a good idea, because people - grown or not - relax in different ways.) They're all out breathing fresh air and making sunshine into vitamin D.

Was it that they were worried about the presence of large straight needles? That seemed likely, so I lent him an indestructible 10.5 plastic circular to demonstrate an alternative. And if that failed, I offered to teach the young knitters my daughters' patented - at that same school, albeit years ago - method of knitting a scarf using two bic pens.

Silly me. The meeting was today. They banned knitting. Outright. Not on straights, not on circulars, not on pens, presumably not on fingers (I've tried that in desperation, and it's not worth it - although KD taught herself to knit backwards doing it).

There are limits to what I am willing to do about this, given that I haven't even had children in this school for years. I decided that my first priority was to the knitter-neophytes, so I have extended an invitation to take them to next week's gathering of knitters at the local library, where they will be petted and praised for their talents instead of scolded and forbidden.

I have a reputation for trying to see both sides of a situation, but this one has me stumped.