Sunday, January 9, 2011


Yarn makes a lovely souvenir. Whether it's the oddly colored cotton I bought at a Dutch flea market decades ago, or the sweet, chestnut-brown alpaca a friend brought me from Peru, it conjures up memories, or thoughts, of far-away places. I love the challenge of knitting up a new yarn into something it wants to be.

Recently, a well-traveled friend brought me two skeins of yarn from Spain. Thick, warm, luscious, soft alpaca/wool/acrylic. Enough for a striped scarf, or two hats, or - well, I never did get further in my musings in that, since one of my daughters was within hearing. They rarely dress alike, but are not averse to the occasional item being made for both of them, as long as the colors are different.

They've both been wearing them constantly ever since I delivered them, so I think they were a hit. Thank you, my friend.

Yarn: Katia's Peru (40% acrylic, 40% wool, 20% alpaca), 2 100 g skeins
Needles: #8 circular*, #10 circular and dpns
Pattern: Winter's Coming (and non-Ravelry here)
Mods: none. This yarn and pattern were made for each other; I would make more in a heartbeat.

*This was not good to discover just now, since I have spent all weekend insisting I did not own a small #8 circular. Obviously, I did when I made these hats. Guess I'd better go look for it. NKD wants to learn to make a hat. More on that later.

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