Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow

The first snowfall of the season was rapidly followed by the traditional invasion of the kitchen. There is now chili in the slow cooker, a pumpkin pie out of the oven, and bread waiting in the wings. DH and I acknowledge that this is a primal reaction to snow, but since it's one that we share, we enjoy responding to it.

We are also enjoying the serendipitous outcome of a minor calamity this summer - we returned from our summer vacation to discover that four (4!) partying squirrels had fallen down our chimney and died. September entailed the animal-removal guy tearing out the gas fireplace and part of the damper in order to remove the corpses. To our surprise, we discovered that the former owners had sealed up some pretty andirons and some well-used fireplace tools in the uncleaned fireplace. The next expense was a thorough chimney cleaning and repair (and a screen and some new tools). I still think it likely that we'll install another gas fireplace at some point, but meanwhile, there's nothing like this:

when outside it looks like this:

The children agree:

In knitting news, let's see. I spent the summer on a dishcloth knitting jag:

as well as knitting Leyburns (Ravelry link) for everyone who held still long enough out of Patons Stretch Sock yarn:

Now Christmas knitting has commenced.


  1. We really have to get our chimney inspected so we can enjoy our fireplace too. Yesterday was the perfect day for it.


  2. How long would I have to hold still to get sox? You didn't _tell_ me. . . .

  3. Love the pictures, especially the snowy one. Looking at maybe getting our first big storm tonight. Wish I had a fireplace! :)