Monday, March 5, 2018

Roman Stripes

I had chosen yarn for a test knit when I realized that it had been partially used. Yarn stretches a little when used, and I worried this would screw up the important yardage-usage part of the test knit. So I pulled a skein of yarn out of my stash that had never been used. And the Prince of Serendip smiled on me.

An innocuous ball of Trekking XXL knit up into the prettiest shawl, with subtle Roman stripes. It's a keeper.

Yarn: one 100-gram skein of Zitron Trekking XXL in 91 Rose (not a colorway they still offer, it seems)
Pattern: Kinoknits' Anna Karenina
Mods: I knit a central pattern motif to maximize my yarn usage - I had 3 grams left at the end.

The shawl is knit side to side with the edging happening as you go. It was a quick knit - I made it in a week. It takes me longer than that to knit a pair of socks (which, to be fair, I was doing at the same time).

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