Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday WIP

I bought a gradient mini-skein set on my trip to Maine last fall. After entering it into my Ravelry stash, I looked to see what other people had done with it, since this was my first gradient mini-skein purchase. Someone else had used the exact same set to make a shawl that I had been admiring for some time, and which was designed by a friend of mine!

This turned out to be excellent road-trip knitting. Before we left, I prepared the yarn (weighing and measuring) and popped it into labeled ziplock bags with a corner cut off for the yarn to feed through. Each pattern segment was easily memorized and worked until the next stop, when I could learn the next segment. Aside from a tragic incident with a bottle of ginger ale in sub-zero weather, which will make washing it before blocking more than usually necessary, it is going really well.

It's very near the end, but I am doing some test-knitting with a deadline, so that comes first (and is going fast). Then I will finish this. Then I will decide which to keep and which to give to NKD, since they are very similar colorways.


  1. To NKD!? And here KD had been thinking she, who needs color to brighten her work clothes and her life in the frozen tundra wastelands of [redacted], thought she had been saying how beautiful these latest knits are... So pretty... Couldn't one find its way to [redacted]?

  2. Totally a typo. Of course I meant KD, since we had already discussed it.