Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wednesday WIP: Recycling

I knit these socks four years ago, and I just recently noticed how little I wear them. There's just something about the fit. They're always the last out of the drawer, worn when I have no other choice. BUT, they are knit from Patons Kroy Socks FX, my favorite yarn to knit Hermione's Everyday Socks from, and I have been looking for other colors to add to my Hermione collection.

So, a no-brainer, right? Unravel socks that have been worn and washed for four years, and re-knit them. Surprisingly - and perhaps because I DID wear them so little - they unraveled with no problems, and re-knit with yarn to spare (it looks like the Nutkins were a little longer in the leg).

I'm halfway there! Meanwhile, there's nothing prettier than crocus poking through the dirt, or a new project cast-on:

That's Twisted German/Old Norwegian cast-on (which I had to re-teach myself), because I wanted more stability at the base of the skirt than my usual cast-on (Jeny's) gives me.

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