Monday, February 12, 2018

Is it weakness of intellect?

I matched some great yarn with the perfect pattern, and achieved a small blanket suitable for covering a baby in a carrier or carseat (since we do not cover babies in their cribs any more). The yarn was part of my retirement present from the office (they know what floats my boat). It was really nice yarn, and I was very happy to discover this pattern. It is in no way the pattern's fault that I kept messing it up and going back to fix things.

Pattern: Melissa Schaschwary's Willow Blanket
Yarn: Swans Island Organic Washable Sport (merino), 2 skeins of a lovely autumnal orange - pastels are for chalk, not babies

One more for the box, although I did just learn that a friend is expecting in May...


  1. To answer your question: no one within reach of your needles would dare to imply such a thing. ;)

  2. I was channeling G&S, because of the pattern name. And I knew it wasn't because of a "rather tough worm in [my] little inside."

  3. Glad the yarn is being put to good use!