Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday WIP

I'm sewing together a blanket for my charity knitting group. Garter stitch 8x8" squares of worsted acrylic on size 10 needles. Pretty much my only constraint was that I only had enough of the pink for four squares and a little bit over. So, a nine patch.

I decided to put a Valentine's heart in the center square. After watching me re-invent all the reasons why people don't do color work in garter stitch (pro tip: there is no good way to handle the color changes, making for ugly edges), my knitting group suggested I ditch the pink heart and just make a nice, subtle, stockinette heart instead. Okay.

Then I decided that I had enough of the red left over to make more than the usual single-crochet edging. I decided I wanted to knit around in garter stitch, mitering the corners. So that's where I am now. Since I don't own a circular large enough to surround the blanket, the thing is strung on 4 or 5 long circulars, with the active part being knit on the only size 10 circular I've got, which of course is for hats and quite small. So every so often I have to stop and run the stitches on the active needle onto one of the smaller circulars.

Life is great, as long as I remember to
- miter the corners by increasing the stitch before and after each corner marker
- switch from knitting to purling (and back again) every time I hit the orange marker (garter stitch in the round), and
- not get confused between slipping stitches off the back of the active needle here:

as opposed to working stitches on to the active needle here:

So far, so good. I think I'll do a row of pink next, and while I'm at it, make it a row of eyelet by doing yarn over-knit 2 together around (except for the mitered edges). What's the worst that could happen? (Here, hold my beer...)

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