Friday, October 6, 2017

Another Window Cat

A family friend who admired George while he was under construction lives with a cat, so I offered to make a tuxedo-cat homage to said cat. Nope, he said, I'm going to be difficult. I want a calico cat.

Challenge accepted. It turns out there is a person who dyes yarn in cat-colorways, and donates the sales proceeds to cat charities (also dog colorways and dog charities - the Dalmatian is killing me). Perusing her shop made me want to knit All the Cats. Each colorway comes in a variety of weights. I'm still thinking about a Lilac Point Siamese Cat lace shawl.

Yarn: Ancient Arts Fibre Craft's Meow Yarn in Calico Cat DK
Pattern: Sara Elizabeth Kellner's The Window Cat
Mods: I knit the tail flat instead of in a tube, lined it with fiberfill and a chenille stick, and seamed it up, giving the tail a little pose-ability.

1 comment:

  1. These are amazing. I am considering placing an order for Russian blue to make up for missing Sam while he spends time with grandma.