Thursday, September 14, 2017

Adventures in Felting

I finally finished a third pair of felted clogs. The knitting was finished long ago, but DH said they were just a tad too big, so in August I took them up to the land of the Truly Efficient Felting washing machine, and promptly underestimated said efficiency. (Not to be confused with a High Efficiency washer, this semi-antique still has the central agitator that makes felting a breeze.) They wound up too small even for me, and have found a happy home with NKD.

Yarn: Patons North America Classic Wool Worsted in Navy, 4 skeins
Needles: size 13 (9mm) dpns (and thereby hangs a tale - I cannot find these needles, and I obviously need them to replace these clogs for DH)
Pattern: Bev Galaskas' Felted Clogs

In cleaning out old knitting projects, I found yarn that had been rejected for other projects, and of course, spent some time figuring out what it wanted to be. I turned some leftover wool into a felted bowl, just to see what the finished object would look like (and because I had access to the TEF washer). NKD promptly nabbed it for her work desk.

Yarn: Patons North America Classic Wool Worsted in Gingerbread, half a skein
Needles: size 11 (8mm) dpns
Pattern: Kelly Kingston's Felted Bowls

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  1. The bowl is now at work, holding my tea. The clogs stay at home to hold my toes.