Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pine trees make your hands dirty

Not pitch this time, and not that pitch ever stopped me from climbing a pine tree, but some less-than-colorfast yarn. I acquired some mercerized cotton fingering weight, in someone else's de-stashing that just cried out to belong to my green-loving sister.

I wound it into a ball and my hands turned green. I started the project on bamboo needles and they turned green. And yet I told myself - even knowing it was cotton, and wise to the ways of cotton and dye - that it was just over-dyed, this was extra color that would wash off in the blocking soak. Wrong. What I should have done, of course, was give it a good vinegar soak. But I didn't realize that until after it was pinned out and blocking, and I was reluctant to re-do all that pinning.

The color loss has given the finished object a kettle-dyed look, which I'm fine with. But I will have to remember to tell my sister not to trust it until it's had a vinegar bath.

Yarn: Araucania Lonco Solid in Jade Green (discontinued)
Pattern: Ysolda Teague's Ishbel
Mods: Despite other knitters who manged to work the entire pattern in one skein of this yarn, I had to drop a couple of rows at the end and do a sewn bind-off. But it's a lovely pattern. I was surprised that cotton blocked so well!

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