Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Join, Being Careful...

Experienced knitters know where this is going. Nobody quotes that common knitting instruction unless they have somehow failed to follow it. I was careful. I was SO careful. I checked before I joined, and several times thereafter. But somehow, because of the number of stitches on the needle, I didn't notice until I had an inch of knitting, that I had failed miserably at "Join, Being Careful Not to Twist."

This is mystery yarn that I recently found and wound. The label tells me the yarn company, fiber content, yardage, and weight. But confusingly, the company does not sell any yarn that is that fiber content and weight, and never at that yardage. After some research, I discovered that the yardage was a clue - the company has put up single, high-yardage skeins for various knitting clubs. Since I won this yarn as a door prize at a knitting retreat, it makes sense that it was one of these one-off skeins.

In the meantime, I had picked out a pattern to show off the yarn's beautiful color changes, based on my initial, and totally unsupported, belief that it was DK weight. When I decided it was Sport, I decided I could still use the pattern, just downsizing the needle. It turns out, however, that this yarn is actually fingering weight, and so I had been dithering about continuing.

Now that I have to frog it and start over, I have taken a moment to decide if it would rather be something else. But I think, despite the weight, that this is what it wants to be.

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