Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Door Prize, or Things Not to Do While on Cold Medicine

I started this hat last month, with mystery yarn I won as a door prize at last year's knitting retreat. I was absolutely in love with the pattern stitch, which is simultaneously easy to execute and magical to look at. I was momentarily stumped by the decrease directions, and a search on Ravelry only revealed that I was not the only one confused. Then I took a good look at the photo of the top of the hat in the pattern, and it dawned on me that, despite how the pattern is written, the decreases fall just before the stitch marker, for a total of six decreases per decrease round. And sure enough, that maintained the stitch pattern while decreasing the hat.

But then, disaster struck - I ran out of blue. I was halfway through a head cold at this point, which is my only excuse for what happened next.

I picked out the cast on edge, ripped out a couple of rows, then carefully put the live stitches back on needles.

Then I attached the end of that yarn to the top of the hat and continued knitting. I remember a fuzzy moment when I told my husband that I may have invented a perpetual knitting machine. Fortunately, I finished the hat before I ran out of knitted brim.

I loved making it, and am about to make another for someone else, but it's not really my style, and KD was quick to point out that it's the same colors as the Color Affection I gave her, so...

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