Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Classics

I knit Flore. It was no small matter, turning this:

Knitwhits Freia Handpaints Worsted Cotton Mini Skeins

Into this:

Tina Whitmore's Flore

And now the little one has sworn off hats for life, or at least until she can choose one that her parents don't approve off. Never mind, little one, there are other hat-loving little girls in my life, and it will find a good home.

It was, in fact, part I of an experiment, to see if Flore could be made out of wool. Flore is such a difficult hat - at least it seems to have given a lot of Ravelers trouble - that I wanted to make it once strictly as written, before branching out. The last, most crucial step in the process is ironing the hat. Without it, the hat doesn't work. So the question will be, can I steam block wool enough to make the hat work without "killing" the wool. It remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, a new grandnephew put in an appearance, and I quickly turned some classic material:

into a classic blanket:

This is Diana Mathews' Sleeping Beauty Baby Blanket. I liked this pattern very much and would make another one without hesitation. It looks terrific even in unblockable acrylic!

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  1. Love both items. And if it is big enough, I know a girl who might love it. But she doesn't have a tiny baby head anymore.

    And I bet the mom of the little one will love the blanket. Mind you, Little Guy still loves the blankets your KD & I knit for him when he was a baby. And he is now four. (If you can believe that!)