Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter, still

I wrote this to a co-worker last week:

25 Feb: Something odd happened on my drive in this morning. It happened yesterday, too, but today was even worse. Some sort of light infiltrates my car as I'm driving in. It doesn't have the pulse of streetlights. Given the amount of snow  on the ground, my first thought was that the moon was still up, but it strengthens in an unnatural manner. I get distracted by the fact that I can actually see that my hand on the steering wheel is lighter than the wheel and my coat. I may have to keep my gloves on to lessen this effect.

The children have tried to tell me about a natural phenomenon called sunrise, but you know kids, always trying to show off what they've learned in school that wasn't a thing when we went to school. Like more than three states of matter (beyond solid, liquid, and gas), more than an animal and a plant kingdom (seriously, a mushroom kingdom?). I never know when they're pulling my leg, and this sunrise thing seems so... unlikely.

Of course, we "spring forward" this Sunday, so I'll be going through this again soon. Meanwhile, knitting.

In January I knit more leftover yarn into socks, this time for NKD, who appreciates the magic of perfectly matched stripes:

Just exactly like these, but in leftover Royal Holloway. And oh look, I knit those last January. Apparently this is a January thing.

While de-cluttering the house I discovered a plethora of baby sweaters. Apparently babies grow faster than their sweaters do, or I hate attaching sleeves, or finding buttons, or all three. I've decided to open a baby sweater store on Etsy in retirement. In the meantime, I whipped up (as in, actually finished) a baby sweater for a newborn (who does NOT have shoulders like a linebacker, it's just the way it was blocking) out of some leftover Paton's Grace. It's also one solid shade of pink; I really must learn to wait until things dry to take a picture.

Pattern: Baby's V-neck Cardigan, originally here, where it was written out so strangely that I had to re-write it on a scrap of paper before it made sense.

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  1. We came out of dance class last Monday about 5pm, and the Littles stopped short. "But it's not dark! Does this mean we can't have supper now?"
    It's important to have your priorities straight.