Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In Progress

I really need a pair of red socks. I have red yarn. Why I chose the slowest possible pattern for socks I need right now is a mystery. This is seriously the same yarn as in the shot below, and is not in the slightest bit orange. Photography is a mystery all its own.

 I did solve the mystery of why they are known as Bavarian socks - apparently this kind of traveling stitch is referred to as Bavarian knitting. I must admit I never noticed any socks like this while I lived in Bavaria, but then, I was raising small children and I don't remember noticing socks at all, unless the baby was kicking one off.

Because all this twisting eats up yardage, I don't expect them to be the usual mid-calf length I prefer. And since they are cuff-down, I'm having to guess how long I can make them. But I've turned the heel on this first one since I took the picture (they live at my desk, so photo opportunities are slim).

I really like the way the designer arranged the heel flap stitches to grow out of the established pattern. They're going to be very nice. Eventually.

I've also taking this yarn and roving, and begun thrummed mittens (from a kit bought at the Adirondack Museum). Sharp-eyed readers will note that Stewart-Pasha is assisting with the photo shoot. During my first attempt at the pattern, I made the thrums way too thick. Also, the short rolled cuff seemed like a terrible idea for cold winter days. But I had just enough yarn left from the recent hat to make ribbed cuffs to attach. And I figured  they'd given me just enough roving for the thrums and divided it up accordingly, and now things are going better.

Both projects have been ignored lately in favor of a baby gift, because babies don't wait. Fortunately, they also don't take much time.


  1. That's strange. Ours both took a little over nine months...

  2. Baby gifts. Not babies. *sigh*

  3. Behind on reading as my RSS reader decided not to actually *pull* anything for several weeks. *groan*

    I have been wanting to make thrummed mittens for the Littles for eons. I *love* that you got the kit at the Adirondack Museum. That is awesome.

    After my Maeve Socks taking over two years to complete, I suspect I will shy away from Bavarian cables for some time to come! Hope yours get done much more quickly.

    They also developed a hole after only a few wearings!! After so much work, it really put me off it. *sigh*