Monday, July 21, 2014

I know what my people are thinking tonight...

Did she do it?

She said she was going to...

She's been saying that for months! What if we have to get through the winter without any?

Any at all? I don't think that's possible. Or advisable...

But we're not there to help her, and it's a lot of work...

She'd never let us go the whole winter without any at all!

* * *

It's all right, my chickens. We're set for the winter:

First person to comment gets the first jar... Wouldn't it be funny if it was a complete stranger? Do you want a complete stranger scarfing down your jam???


  1. I have a new dovetail/jamb saw. But it doesn't taste like jam at all. Will trade sawing for jam. (Or commenting... FIRST!)

  2. That's a song cue if I ever heard one.
    la LA la-la LAla-a la LA- lalala. . . .

  3. How does a lady old enough to live on her own...know what a saw tastes like? No doubt she has beans in her nose EVEN AS WE SPEAK.

  4. Ah bon't hab beans up by nose.