Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Symptom Check

It's cold and flu season, and also a deeply cold winter. So there's a certain amount of symptom checking going on all the time. Is this a runny nose because I'm coming down with something, or because I just came inside from below-zero weather? Is my throat ticklish because the air is dry, or because I'm developing a sore throat? Whether these are fleeting thoughts or day-long obsessions depends on the individual, of course. But I believe we all have that moment when something catches our attention and we stop to decide whether this is something to worry about.

Here is that moment this week. This certainly looks like the onset of an unexpected bout of Second Sock Syndrome, something I have been lucky enough to escape thus far. Starting at 12 and running 'round the clock, we have
  • one completed Nutkin sock from Patons Kroy Socks Fx in Copper (yes, I finally got tired of knitting that yarn into Hermione's Everyday Socks);
  • one just-past-the-heel Oliver from  Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball in W├╝rzelsepp (my new favorite word);
  • one just-past-the-heel Eyelet Rib in a delicious summer sky shade (Temple Turquoise) of Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock;
  • and one completed-but-flawed standard toe-up sock in leftover Berroco Sox (I've given up keeping discontinued colors straight).
Except for the last one, which turned up in a stash dive and has unclear fit issues, none of the others are abandoned projects. I just happen to be knitting a lot of socks at the moment (see deeply cold winter above). The Wildfoote are my office knitting, home for the weekend for a sanity check (I knit these from memory, and it's always a good idea to make sure memory hasn't wandered down some strange sidepath). And the Nutkin and Oliver are my tv knitting, still very much what I'm working on at the moment. So I think I'm okay. I haven't had the urge to cast on any more socks.

Lace, however, is another matter...

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  1. Wow. Those are a lot of single socks. They look great. And I love a lot of the patterns.

    I have done exactly two pairs of socks one at a time. My first pair. Nearly didn't ever knit a second sock! I tried again recently with some self-striping yarn. And nope, still almost didn't finish them!

    Good luck completing them all.