Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Non-Buyer's Remorse Assuaged

Last May, I saw some yarn I liked towards the end of my day at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. I left without buying it, because I thought it was a heavier weight yarn than it actually was, and I couldn't figure out what I would use it for. It promptly started to haunt me, particularly when I looked it up and realized that it was fingering weight, perfect for a shawl. Fortunately, my friend was visiting the Festival the next day. I did a little research to figure out the vendor's name, then emailed my friend a plea to pick me up a skein of it. I was able to tell her exactly where it was in the vendor's booth. I'm not kidding about being haunted.

By the end of the week I had it in hand, and it was everything I remembered. Brown and red and rustic and with a crunchy feel that I found enticing after months of knitting with 100% silk. A few weeks later, I had picked out and purchased the perfect pattern on Ravelry. It was one of those magical combinations of yarn, pattern, and vision. I made it bigger than the pattern called for - I have enough shawlettes, I wanted something to wrap all around me. That meant the knitted on edging was interminable, but I slogged on, sure it would end someday. And then, suddenly, it did!

I could barely wait for it to dry before taking it off the blocking board to wrap around me. It was everything I had planned, and finished in time for a trip to the frozen north.*

Pattern: Henslowe, by Beth Kling
Yarn: Davidson Old Mill Yarn (Domy) Heather in Burgundy, fingering, 342 yards
Needles: Size 4 (3.5 mm) circular
Mods: I made it bigger. Somewhere I have notes on how much bigger, but who knows where

In a delightful postscript, I had just exactly enough yarn left over to make this:

Pattern: Forest Pixie Hat, by Kristen Cooper
Yarn: Domy Heather in Burgundy, fingering, 133 yards, held double throughout
Needles: size 9 (5.5 mm) straights to get gauge
Mods: I skipped the chin strap

I don't even have a recipient in mind. I'll just tuck it away for now.

*The kind of coincidence that only happens to knitters: on my trip I learned that one of my nieces is quite the knitter, and on Ravelry. We met up at a party, and she was wearing her Henslowe!

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  1. It is beautiful. I understand too well about yarns haunting you! I have the same problem.

    Now of course I am curious about which niece...