Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Tea

When a knitting store opened up in my neighborhood last year, I was thrilled to finally be able to toss "my LYS" into a conversation. That they had a Club Card program was just the icing on the cake. Birthday cake, that is, because every year club members receive a gift card on their birthday! Since I was in my LYS (hee!) a few weeks before my birthday (and that's another story - soon!), I knew what to do.

I bought a skein of yarn for my birthday. It was squishy and soft-like-a-bunny, and its pretty colors sang to me. I brought it home, and before I could even take a picture of it for my stash on Ravelry, it was wound up, cast on, and halfway to being a shawlette, jumping several projects diligently in progress. Things slowed down a bit at the finish, because, despite having a 400-yard skein, I didn't have enough to finish the pattern as written. I tinked back until I had both a good stopping place AND enough yarn, and did an EZ sewn bind-off. This was maddeningly tedious on that many stitches, but gave me the nice stretchy edge I needed. Blocking was a cinch in this weather (although surprisingly, lots of color went down the drain in my wet-blocking). And here it is:

Pattern: Afternoon Tea
Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Prairie Rose, from The Knitting Boutique

Now it's packed away until autumnal breezes arrive!

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  1. I mentioned I was going to cast on the Afternoon Tea shawl with some of the handspun. And DH, aka your little brother, pointed out you already did it! *laugh*

    It looks amazing. Great work.

    I only have about 300 yards of handspun so I will have to mod it significantly to get it to work, but I am hopeful. *crosses fingers*

    (I hadn't read your blog or any others for a few weeks as my work machine was bad. Long and not really interesting tale...)