Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I received a Kindle as a birthday present some years back from my family, who know me well enough to know that although I love books, and the smell of old books, and the feel of paper, I love reading even more, and will read the back of the cereal box if nothing else is around. Happily, now my Kindle is around, loaded, so far, with breathtakingly cheap editions of childhood favorites (all twelve of Andrew Lang's Fairy Books! The complete works of L.M. Montgomery!).

I immediately noticed that the Kindle does not come with a carrying loop. It's so thin I was afraid I would drop it just carrying it around. And there are scratchy things (like keys and knitting needles) in my bag. I researched Kindle covers on line, and nothing was what I wanted.

And so there I was in the Great North Woods,

with my Kindle exposed to the elements.

Now one thing I've always loved about going to Camp is the make-do element, particularly where knitting is concerned. Oh, the things we've made stitch holders and cable needles out of over the years! So, what did I have on hand?

  • - a 1/2 ball of Peaches n Cream left over from the dishcloth binge I was on through the end of that July
  • - a circular 8, also leftover from the dishcloth binge (if you know where my favorite straight 8's are and you're currently in Easton, speak up...)

Here's what I did:

Cast on 20 stitches using the knitted-on cast-on.
Knit in the front and back of each stitch across the next row (40 sts).
Commence double knitting (k1, bring yarn to front as if about to purl, slip next st, put yarn back, rpt across row, turn work and repeat across back of work for 1 double-row.) I kept sliding my Kindle in to try it on, and stopped at 42 double-rows, because I knew dishcloth cotton would stretch.

Using another needle on hand (a straight 7, as it happened, I went across the row, slipping all stitches, but re-arranging them so that I had two front stitches and then two back stitches across the row. I slid the row to the other end of the needle and worked a double-row of k2tog, yarn over.

I worked another 2 double-rows, then bound off. I made an I-cord long enough to go through the holes, and knotted it closed. And now my Kindle is comfy.

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  1. Love it. I am surprised the cotton is stretchy enough! It is great knitting something on the fly like that.

    I need to post a pic of the one I made Paul for Christmas.

    I didn't realize you were at Camp! Elanor will be so jealous. She keeps talking about going to see Pasha (who I think you call Stewart or that could be G&M's name for the bear ottoman.)


    And thanks again for the sweater vest for the Little Guy! It is so adorable.