Monday, July 18, 2011


(MYEH-lutch: trifles, little things, small change)

I've been making little things:

- a cozy for NKD's GPS out of leftover Cotton-Ease from KD's stash:

I love the button. I made sure it was not a shank button, as I didn't want it poking back into the screen and scratching it. Then I sewed the button on making a yarn shank, as I wanted NKD to be able to fasten it easily (with the GPS inside, one can't bend the fabric to pop the button in and out).

- a cozy to keep my iPod earbuds from constantly tangling (and then decided I liked another set of earphones better anyway):

I made a matching (as in, the same Purple Heather Knitpicks Stroll, my current favorite color ever) cozy for my iPod:

You'll notice there's no pattern link. I cast on as if it was a toe-up sock, worked linen stitch in the round until it covered my iPod, cast off one side (plus a bit, to leave room for the earphone cord), continued in linen stitch as I decreased, purposely (no, really!) slanting the flap to one side, made a buttonhole at the end, and there you go! (As in, go find a button - thanks, KD!)

And then, before sewing the button on and tucking in the ends, I turned it inside out. I can't explain it. I just love the way those fat reverse-linen-stitch purl bumps look. Like Israeli couscous.

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