Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elephant included for scale

This is, quite possibly, the cutest package of yarn I have ever received (elephant included for scale). (Okay, ruler, too.)

Here's the thing: there are three two1 skeins of yarn in there. And I am fully cognizant of the large, awesome object they are going to become (a gift for a loyal blog reader, so pardon me if I don't even show the return address).

How is this even possible?

I am going to surround air with small, discrete edges, linked together. With my bare hands! (Okay, and a size 5 circular needle that I don't own yet2).

Once upon a time I had a little sister who believed that I was magic (aren't little sisters great?). There are days I believe it myself.

1 I finally opened the package...

2 And I'm really happy about that. I am rotating through three projects on a daily basis, frantic to finish even one of them. If I had a size 5 circular needle, I would cast on this project, and none of those three projects would EVER be finished.


  1. My, that pachyderm looks familiar! Whose is it? Did I knit it? I can't see its eyes, or I'd likely know.

  2. Tis my elephant, who stayed home to do some exploring.

  3. Given the size of that phant, it is indeed an adorable package! I love little packages. They sometimes have the best stuff in them.

    I understand what you mean about projects. I have too many projects on my needles. The only thing saving me from madness is that I can't *find* two of them since the move. Two are hibernating (one should just be frogged at this point). So I am only working on one project currently. But if I don't find one of the missing projects it is gonna need to be frogged as it won't fit DD by the time I finish it. *grumblegrowl*