Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A moment between blizzards

My husband has a new love. I realized it was serious when I noticed I wasn't hearing any more talk about the house he's building for us; now it's all about the house he's building for her. Right in our own backyard! She's younger, of course. Much younger. And she was there for him - all right, for us - in our time of need. But still.

Not to mention the family betrayal - she's my brother-in-law's cast-off, which I'm sure makes my sister happy. Although I don't think he cared for her as much as much as my husband does, since he kept her isolated in a small place close to his office.

And really, what can I say about it, when it's clear we're going to need her again, right away.

Just wait until spring.


  1. Well, she did keep him warm in a cold time.

  2. Dr Phil is holding a spot for you; Oprah wants to know if you can cry on camera; & if you throw something at him, you can get on Jerry Springer!