Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dome sweet dome

I'm leaving on an adventure tomorrow. I am not offering this as a warning of blog absence - given the gaps in my posting, and the fact that I'll only be gone four days, you'd never have known I was gone. I just thought I'd mention it. I've never been to North Carolina before (to stay - I'm fairly certain I've driven through it a time or two).

Since we are seriously considering putting a dome home on the land to which we are planning to retire, we have taken the manufacturers up on an offer to actually stay in one for a few days, trying it on, as it were.

(photo, not to mention adventure, courtesy of American Ingenuity)

Since the whole point is just to be in the dome, I am packing unread books, unfinished knitting, my camera, and my birthday-present Kindle (currently full of much-read, much-beloved, and free, children's books).

I am on the toe of the last of six socks (pictures when I return). I am nearly done re-knitting a cotton vest I started last summer, which was two sizes too small, in a grinch-like way. I am 1/3 through an unbelievably soft cotton shawl which will be a gift for a women in a nursing home. And my needles are full of a few projects where I matched up yarn, needles and pattern into satisfying projects, knit 4-6 inches, said "yep, that'll work, " and set them aside. I think because I thought the summer was going to be too hot to knit. It never was, this year, reminding me of some childhood summers. Nevertheless, I think I'll pick back up the alpaca scarf (not for me, I can't wear alpaca, I'll gift it somewhere) and the autumn leaves scarf come fall.

Off to pack my suitcase!

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  1. Thinking of you tonight in your (borrowed) Dome!