Thursday, January 24, 2008

Purple Spiral Bamboo

Socks for a co-worker, for whom no one has ever knit anything before. (That hurts my brain. Seriously, you could so get me to knit for you if you told me that no one had ever knit anything for you. Unless I knew you were lying.)

Yarn: Southwest Trading Company Bamboo. This is not sold as sock yarn; my co-worker chose it because she was intrigued by bamboo yarn and wanted 100% bamboo. It knit up to my sock gauge on my Brittany birch #2s, and is wonderfully soft. But I don't think I would choose it again for socks. I was knitting the leftovers into a baby hat when one of the tiny bamboo threads (that are formed into a yarn that looks like miniature Icord) snapped, and the yarn broke. Snags happen. A sock yarn needs to stand up under pressure.

Pattern: Standard toe-up learned from Bonkers Sock Kits (the Yarn Barn again), with k2,p2 ribbing at the top because my bamboo socks have gotten looser with time, and I wanted to make sure these would stay up. Why the Yarn Barn, when I don't live anywhere near Kansas? Because a) sister K does (K is for Kansas), and b) the Yarn Barn is one of my two favorite stands at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. (ooh, Bonkers has new colorways - love that Coal, and the Obscure Rainbow...)

The other is Mannings, where I get my annual Koigu fix. Speaking of which, I pulled some Koigu from my stash and started me some socks, because there were No Socks on Needles, and this cannot happen. And also because I discovered the moth invasion of last fall got into my socks as well, and one of my early lace footies in Koigu (back when my annual fix was one skein and footies was all it would stretch to) has an extra non-lace hole. I've fallen in with the Monkey fad, but am knitting them toe-up. Pictures when there's more than a toe to show off.

I finished the baby shower bear just in time (but not in time for a photo shoot). I'm knitting the rest of the yarn into a reserve bear (at my husband's suggestion - he thinks I should have baby shower knits stashed away in advance), so I'll take a picture of that one.

And it's time to bind off for the neck on KD's top. Scary.


  1. Koigu. Koigu Koigu Koigu. Love that word (and the yarn).

  2. I like the way the bamboo socks look. I hope they don't snag too much.

    I just posted my finished Monkey socks. I really like the pattern. I can't wait to see how yours come out. I am betting they will look great.

    I know what you mean about no socks on the needles. I don't have any in the works and it feels wrong! But I just got some new sock yarn today. So I think they will have to get cast on this weekend. Though I am not sure what yet. time to look at patterns! I just hate that. *grin*

    I still haven't tried Koigu. I was tempted by some I saw at Sunday's LYS outing while I was in MD. But none of the colors they had screamed buy me now. Though there was some grey that I debated for Paul. I decided to wait.